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Parking Lot Annex, Munich

In order to create affordable housing as quickly as possible, a parking lot for the Dantebad in Munich has been built over with a five-story, more than hundred-meter-long, timber structure.

Under construction

Type of residents
Refugees with recognized status

Number of residents

Modular units
100 apartments

Construction costs (Euro/m²)

Building method
Timber frame

Building (Detail)
Ground floor: reinforced concrete columns and slabs, upper floors: timber frame, solid wood


Living space per person (m²/person)

Florian Nagler Architekten Gmbh, Munich

Commissioned by
Gewofag Wohnen GmbH, Munich

Construction firm
B+O Wohnungswirtschaft GmbH Bayern, Bad Aibling, Huber+Sohn, Bachmehring (timber work)

The parking lot superstructure at Dantebad was built before this backdrop. Some conditions in its favor were the fact that the property belonged to the state capital of Munich, that the parking places located there weren’t tied up, and that everyone involved wanted to implement the project quickly at a decent quality.
The building is a total of five stories tall and over a hundred meters long. The surrounding residential buildings (in the area of Borstei) also feature very heavy volumes. For this reason, the building volume doesn’t just fit in very well from an urban planning perspective—it actually enriches the quarter, leading to an improved use of the available free space.
In order to retain most of the existing parking spots, first a reinforced-concrete construction of columns and slabs was built. Over this, the actual residential building was constructed as a timber-frame structure. The building only touches the ground where the two stairwells are located and at the two head-end structures, where the building services, storage, and trash disposal are housed.
The apartments are connected by corridors that begin at the stairwells. In front of every three apartments, the corridor broadens into a small niche that can be furnished and used as a meeting point for residents. Most apartments are one-room apartments, but two-and-a-half room apartments are also available. Further offerings for residents include a common area, a laundry salon, and a nice rooftop terrace with play areas, lounge decks, and space to grow herbs and vegetables.
To match the urban context, the facades have been painted colorfully and fit quite naturally into the surroundings.