StadtBauKasten, Kronberg

Built according to the “StadtBauKasten” system, featuring single modules or axial patterns. One-to six-bedroom apartments for up to 40 refugees.

In Planning

Type of residents
Asylum seekers

Number of residents

Modular units
46 modules (48 modules follow in the 2nd construction phase)

Construction costs (Euro/m²)

Building method
Timber frame


Living space per person (m²/person)

florian krieger architektur und städtebau gmbh, Darmstadt

Commissioned by
Stadt Kronberg

The “StadtBauKasten” can reflect the needs of a wide variety of residential types—from 1-room apartments (e.g., for students or refugees) up to 5-room family apartments and shared apartments for refugees or seniors. The structures are pre-planned to be transitioned, at a later date, from compact refugee apartments into apartments that meet social housing standards. The apartments are grouped together in compact structures; multiple buildings are connected via shared corridors and grouped into ring-shaped or linear ensembles.

(Excerpt from project description)