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Renovation of Residential Building for Refugees, Solingen

Eleven apartments for asylum seekers were created in a renovated historic building. Even the vacant commercial space on the ground floor was converted to living space.


Type of residents
Refugees with recognized status

Modular units
11 apartments

Construction costs (Euro/m²)

Building method
Conversion / Renovation


Living space per person (m²/person)

Ladleif Architekten BDA, Kassel

Commissioned by
Private benefactor from Solingen

Construction firm
Building shell: Bauunternehmen SchwartingRoofing: Wadenpohl Locksmith: Heinhaus

Renovation of a multifamily building into living space for refugees, including a vacant restaurant space on ground floor. A new throughway is being built down the middle of the ground floor to enable better access to basement and waste disposal area; also usable as a fire-escape route. Total renovation: new building facilities, new windows, roof renovation, new interior, new heating and electricity.

(Excerpt from project description)