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Concrete Shelters, Ahrweiler

Room modules of prefabricated concrete slabs for first admittance of refugees.


Type of residents
Asylum seekers

Number of residents

Modular units
30 double modules (4 residents / module unit)

Construction costs (Euro/m²)

Building method
Mass-wall construction

Building (Detail)
Modular prefabricated elements: Concrete (slab assembly)


Living space per person (m²/person)

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Peter Görgen, Hachmeister

Commissioned by
State of Rheinland-Palatinate

Construction firm
End-to-end design/build: Hachmeister, Andernach

The plans for 15-square-meter living containers made of prefabricated concrete components were first developed for use abroad. With the addition of the necessary insulation and heating, they can now be used in Germany.
Thanks to the concrete, the buildings can be placed close to each other without incurring fire-safety concerns. The concrete’s high heat retention and the added thermal insulation means that an infrared heating element on the ceiling entirely suffices for temperature control. The ten-centimeter concrete elements can also be cast without reinforcement on a concrete slab with two-by-fours to serve as partitioning. Therefore, the shelter can also be produced onsite in crisis areas and developing nations.
One building weighs a total of 22 tons and consists of six individual concrete elements, which can be offloaded from a truck with a car crane.6–8 people can reside in a finished living container.

(Excerpt from project description)