Shared Accommodation for Refugees, Esslingen

The residential units, each fitting up to nine people, are split among six buildings arranged in two opposite-facing groups. The start of construction has been delayed several times.

In Planning

Type of residents
Asylum seekers

Number of residents

Modular units
6 buildings

Building method
Mass-wall construction

Building (Detail)
Timber construction in block form


Living space per person (m²/person)

Reichel Schlaier Architekten (LPH 1–9), City of Stuttgart in cooperation with District of Esslingen

Commissioned by
Landkreis Esslingen

In densely populated areas like Esslingen near Stuttgart, not only is the cost of developable property and empty buildings very high—they are practically impossible to find. This makes it very difficult for builders to find adequate housing space for the enormous number of refugees. In general, authorities are hoping to foster immigration through inner-city density and the construction of smaller units; this is being carried out on a large scale. But larger new building projects, like this shared accommodation for around 300 people, complement this objective.
The YMCA has made a sports field available to the City of Essligen as a building site. It lies in a popular location within Esslingen, halfway up a hill with a view over the city. It also borders a suburban area and is situated near the Schurwald recreation area with a variety of sports facilities.
The smallest unit is a living unit with a kitchen and bathroom that fits a maximum of 12 people. Apartments are each accessed by an egress connecting two units. The egresses are colorfully highlighted, serving simultaneously as an identification site and a shared communicative space. 6 buildings are under construction.

(Excerpt from project description)