The building will have 20 living units, each with a large kitchen and balcony, 4 of which will be barrier-free. On the ground floor there will be a first aid/examination room, as well as classrooms and multipurpose rooms.

In Planning

Type of residents
Asylum seekers and asylum seekers whose application was rejected

Number of residents

Modular units
20 residential units

Construction costs (Euro/m²)

Building method
Mass-wall construction

Building (Detail)
Solid wood panels


Living space per person (m²/person)

Zimmerei/Holzbau Lamb

Commissioned by
Bauherren GU Lamb GbR für Mieter Landratsamt, Breisgau Hochschwarzwald

Construction firm
Zimmerei/Holzbau Lamb

Refugee accommodation will soon be ready in Bad Krozingen, south of Freiburg. The 3-story building encompasses 20 living units for 4 to 8 people, accessible via two internal staircases. Each living unit has a 19 m² kitchen and a 6.5 m² balcony. The plans call for living units with 2 and 3 bedrooms. The four living units on the ground floor are barrier-free. The ground floor also features two 47 m² rooms usable as classrooms or multipurpose rooms. Additionally, the ground floor also features a janitor room, two rooms for social workers, a first aid/examination room with a waiting room, one break room for employees, a laundry room, as well as two storage areas that can fit approx. 8 strollers. The 16 living units in the upper floors and attic all feature a second toilet in addition to the bathroom. Each floor and the attic also contains four 8.5 m² storage spaces. TV connections are available in each unit and the building has a wireless internet connection. The fire safety plan has been drawn up and calls for the installation of a fire-protection system.
(Excerpt from project description)