The online database will be updated and supplemented on an ongoing basis. The projects depict the reality of the current situation facing Germany. They are grouped according to size, cost and number of occupants per square meter, material, and construction. The database is not a best-of collection nor is it an architecture prize—instead, it’s meant to provoke discussion. It aims to help us compare current solutions and provide a foundation for local and regional policymakers. In order to facilitate further exchange, the database also assembles international projects.
The spectrum ranges from temporary lightweight structures that house 300 people, whose interiors have been designed by an architect, to low-cost long-term housing projects not only intended to house refugees. An emphasis has been laid on wooden modular structures. Yet the scope of the database also ranges from projects initiated by citizen groups to the efforts of a private benefactor to create an estate–like complex for artists and refugees. To compile the projects for the database, DAM has collaborated with the architecture magazineBauwelt.

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